Mob Wives Season 2: 23 Girlfriend Salute

Going into the final episodes of this season of Mob Wives, you had to know that things were starting to wrap up. The storylines that had opened up for each of the wives, all relating to change in their personal life, would be met with one of two endings. Either they would dry their final tear and move on from the pain brought to them by their husbands/fathers, or there would still be that rip in their psyche from yet another setback. As much as some of the wives annoy me, I have to admit that I've been rooting for everyone to find the inner peace, emotional strength, and admirable resolve that they'll need to healthily move on.

In the penultimate episode of the season, it felt like a majority of the storylines were cleared out in preparation for the finale showdown between Drita and Karen. The second season of Mob Wives may have focused on everybody's individual stories, from Renee's family problems to Carla's reunion with Joe, but it's been centered around Drita v. Karen, a conflict that stretches back into season one. Aside from a couple of minor conversations about their nervousness in meeting, the finale looks to be where we'll get any hint as to the nature of their relationship; in it's place, though, was a lot of material relating to how disappointed the men in their lives continue to make them. Read More...


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