Once Upon a Time 1.21 Recap: Regina's Plans Unravel As We Come Full Circle to the Pilot

Once Upon a Time delivered on its penultimate episode as events circled back to the pilot episode of the show.

In the fairytale world, Charming was about to be executed by King George when the Evil Queen swooped in and bought him.  While the Queen used Charming as a trap for Snow, Snow White met with Red, Granny and the dwarves to come up with a plan to save Charming.  Grumpy called in a favor from the faeries and Snow had her army.  They stormed King George's castle and Snow made it all the way into the dungeon before realizing that Charming's presence there was just an illusion through a mirror because he had been taken to the Queen's castle.

The Queen's image appeared and she proposed a temporary truce so that they might negotiate.  The two women met in Regina's family's stables and Regina finally told Snow the truth about Daniel's death all those years ago.  Snow tried to defend her actions back then (justifiably, frankly), but the Queen was having none of it.  She proposed a deal: Snow would eat the poisonous apple and the Queen would allow Charming to live.  Determined to protect the man she loved, Snow bit the fruit, falling into a coma.  Her friends gathered, thinking she was dead. Read More...



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