'Girls' recap: Episode 4

HBOHannah (Lena Dunham) finds a new job on HBO's "Girls" -- and has to deal with a hands-on boss. Hannah is one of those girls who is hard to be friends with. You know you're only seeing a sliver of the patheticness happening in her relationship. You know she doesn't really want your advice even though she asks for it. You just have to take a step back and let her figure it out.Tonight's "Girls" begins with that modern marvel, the phallus photo. Hannah shows Marnie and Charlie Adam's sext through her broken iPhone screen (nice touch). After a chorus of "Oh my God"s, another text comes through. "SRY that wasn't for you." Logical friend Marnie responds, "What are you doing? Don't respond to that." Hannah doesn't understand why she wouldn't. "If there was another girl, he would never be this obvious about it." Marnie tells Hannah she is smarter than this and, many times again, not to respond. As soon as Hannah is alone with her phone, she sexts him right back.  Read More...

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