The Killing Review: Don't Turn Back

Wow. Where did that come from?

Season two got off to a great start digging deeper into conspiracy and driving the characters forward in the two hour premiere event.  Yet as the season progressed, the momentum seemed to be slowing down and while the episodes were certainly decent, a lot of it felt like more of the same. Rain, sadness, grief, more rain.

Which, as much as I or anyone jokes about the weather of Seattle, provides the perfect additive for the dark and continuously dreary tone of the show. Except even with all of the questions surrounding character's haunted pasts and struggles in the present, there was a lack of something at stake. Tension felt absent and the case seemed to be hitting a brick wall, even if more clues were popping up.

"Keylela" struck with such a dramatic force that it reinvigorated what made the show compelling in the first place. Suspense soaked the hour and believable emotions rang high. This was an episode that made me care and pushed along fantastic scenes where I wanted to see what would happen next. Read More...


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