Once Upon a Time Review: The Fruits of Sacrifice

"An Apple Red as Blood"  showed us that Regina's hold on her curse was just as tenuous as the survival of her precious apple tree and the stress was getting to her.

That was quite a dream. The eeriest part was Henry standing there holding a hangman's noose. What a sign of things to come.

Was the curse really weakening? Well, the apples on her tree were definitely rotting where they grew. I could only imagine that wasn't a very good sign for the evil queen.

But according to Regina and Mr. Gold, Emma's very existence keeps the curse alive.  If Emma dies, so does the curse but Emma's also the only person who can break it.  Now there's a conundrum.

Mr. Gold seemed to think that the end was near and said he was planning a trip. Where would the master of the deal go once the curse he helped create is no more? I don't have a clue. Read More...



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