Bones : intellegent or incredibly stupid?

in the episode 'the con man' bones is acting really bimbo-ish/childlish mentality.

are the writters of Bones hitting the downside?

the example in mind is the hostage situation at the end where bones says "that;s a great plan!!"

she always asks obvious things, they need to watch Psyche to see how high IQ people act and speak. I've met people who are scientists and their IQ is off the charts and act quite weird, but there is a limit, Bones is acting like all her brain capacity is used for bone analysing.

new writters needed?


| 15:53 EST, 24 Nov, 2008
Oh, and Asperger's syndrome does not make someone brilliant in their field, high-functioning or not. That IS about IQ, not Autism.
| 15:52 EST, 24 Nov, 2008
It's a gimmick. It's funny, but that's all it is. And watching Psych is not a way of seeing how people with a high IQ might think or act. That too is a gimmick on a show. The fact is that IQ makes no difference to pop-culture awareness. Only exposure to it.
| 15:27 EST, 24 Nov, 2008
The reason the writers have her ask "stupid" questions is that it emphasizes the geek she is. A good majority of the time is that the questions she asks are about pop culture and sometimes psychology. She talks all the time about hating psychology and being bored by it which proves she won't know much about it. She doesn't watch t.v. because she reads and studies and works. That has been outright said in some episodes. She is very involve with her work so she doesn't know some common knowledge things that more sociable people would fully understand. IQ has nothing to do with it.
| 08:22 EST, 20 Nov, 2008
They are writing her like someone withhigh functioning Asbergers - socially inept and yet brilliant in their field. It's more common than you'd think.
| 22:55 EST, 19 Nov, 2008
I assume that Bones seems to ask obvious questions because she doesn't like to make assumptions about things she has limited knowledge about. It would seem like conjecture. As a general rule, she disregards anything that was possibly supported by faulty or unverifiable information (preconceived notions, platitudes, "common knowledge" and the like), establishes a clear and firm base of knowledge, and builds up from there. As she's establishing this base, she's sure to ask some questions that may seem obvious to "normal" people who see these as common sense or "natural" facts (though they actually aren't, but rather have come to be seen that way as a result of the specific society we live in). These moments of discrepancy are what provide much of the humor for (and some of the misunderstandings about) the show.
| 19:54 EST, 18 Nov, 2008
i think it is like she is so focused on the facts nothing else really seams to go through her head, like a perfectionist- so zoned in on one thing while the big picture is staring her in the face
| 21:10 EST, 17 Nov, 2008
It is not surprising that they sometimes take that angle. Generally (and I mean in most cases), people who are very book smart, are not so socially adept and are prone to committing social faux pas as well as asking questions that most normal people would not feel the need to ask. Regardless if this characterization of Bones irks some people, I find it amusing.
| 12:11 EST, 16 Nov, 2008
I actually found her complete lack of pop culture knowledge really entertaining in the last season. But last episode her cluelessness was kind of irritating. The whole "I'm an attractive woman" when BoothBro asks Camille to the function was embarassing to watch.
| 10:56 EST, 16 Nov, 2008
I think they realized that her occasional ignorance can be *really* funny and now they're overdoing it a bit. I hope they go back to the way it started...I still love the writers anyway!
| 02:50 EST, 16 Nov, 2008
They do take it a bit far sometimes. I have to agree as much as I love Bones! lol!

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