Survivor: One World “It’s Human Nature” Review

Survivor: One World returned tonight with the final episode before Sunday’s finale, "It’s Human Nature". After the tribe returns from tribal and shares stories about Kat’s ironic departure speech last week, we go into some pretty major pre-credits strategizing with Tarzan. We really haven’t seen Tarzan make any big strategic moves in the game thus far, as it seems that most of his decisions thus far have been from people telling him what to do or based on emotions. It’s good to see the man is at leastcapable of really playing the game!

We got some more pre-reward drama involving Christina being promised by Chelsea that she would be taken along on the reward challenge if she won. Christina then stabs Chelsea in the back by sharing hersecrets with Kim, then Kim immediately turns around and stabs Christina in the back and tells Chelsea what Christina said! Whoa, that made my head spin! Read More... 


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