Don’t Trust the B—- In Apartment 23 “Making Rent…” Review – Beek Jeans!

In every episode of Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23 I find myself relating more and more to June. In this week’s "Making Rent…" June and Chloe each struggle to pay their half of the rent for their (incredibly nice) apartment. Um… yeah, I’ve been in June’s shoes, however my New York Apartment could have fit into June and Chloe’s kitchen, but I digress.

Though she tries various schemes to make money, Chloe finds herself being schooled by June that there is no "gray area" when it comes to right or wrong. Chloe scoffs at first, and then decides to ask James for the rent money, which Luther promptly declines. Meanwhile, June realizes that she can make some cash by selling her homemade jam, and for whatever reason shares this information with Chloe.

Big mistake! Chloe agrees to help June and promptly turns their jam making session into a porn site. June is beside herself and to get back at Chloe lets Robin pay her small sums of money to do various things with Chloe – all without Chloe’s knowledge. June eventually feels really guilty about her little scheme and ends up breaking down to Chloe at James’ party. All ends well, however, when the girlsrealize that their personalities actually balance each other out. Read More... 


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