Girls Recap: The Ballad of Bald Charlie

Alert the media! Some people of color have arrived! Finally Girls has begun to reflect the diversity of our glorious New York City … or, at least the diversity of its secretaries and nannies.

I guess it makes sense that the most likely venues in which these particular young women would encounter non-Caucasians would be in their work lives — after all, where else does anyone meet anyone new after college? I don’t see Hannah and Marnie as terribly interested in extracurricular activities. Jessa’s fellow nannies — who read like a Benneton ad, with one person of every stripe, including a redheaded dude — stare at her blankly as she naively talks about forming a union. They all roll their eyes when Jessa claims to be just like them, which is the correct response. Then they try to help her find her lost charges, because, no, she’s not just like them, she’s wildly unprofessional and irresponsible. Read More...


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