Mad Men 5.08 "Lady Lazarus" Review

Mad Men is quite often about desire and expectations; the advertising business that the show centers around sells the perfect kind of life to a consumer. As we all know life isn't like a commercial and this season of Mad Men is exploring dreams and the bitter reality of life. There is a mixture of honesty and deception in "Lady Lazarus" as Megan (Jessica ParĂ©) makes a significant decision regarding her career and Pete has an encounter on his way home from work that lights a spark that is quickly defused.

Last week Megan's father berated her for her choices regarding her work and her lack of 'struggle'. We saw that Megan is a natural at some aspects of the advertising industry but instead of celebrating her Heinz success she looked less than thrilled. Megan's decision to quit SCDP is the right one, especially when she describes how she felt better at failing an audition than being a success in her Heinz pitch. There is a curious push/pull between Megan and Don (Jon Hamm) when she first tells him that she wants to return to acting and it probably doesn't help that she tells Don this huge news in the middle of the night. Don is mostly supportive of her decision though he seems disappointed that he won't be working together anymore; is this because he will be free to return to his past behaviour now that they will be spending less time together? Or had work become more of a thrill with his wife at his side? Read More...


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