The Killing Recap: Casino Royale

Near the end of this week’s episode, Stan Larson shows up unexpectedly to speak at Richmond’s press conference. By way of introduction, Richmond says, "This isn’t about what happened to me. This is about justice for a young girl and for a family who still need answers." If I had been one of the reporters there that day (the twentieth since this hunt for justice has begun) I would’ve interrupted with, "Excuse me, sir. While I’m relieved to hear that the focus will no longer be on you, I think we all know why we are gathered here and it has nothing to do with Rosie Larson. Detective Stephen Holder is the one we care about. Any chance he can run for mayor?"

Joel Kinnaman is clearly why most of us are still watching this show. He is the creamy Oreo center among the discarded chocolate biscuit pieces that comprise most of this show. He is the sweet to Linden’s sour. I could’ve easily watched him cooking breakfast burritos in his apartment for the entire hour, but owing to an ongoing murder investigation that even the fictional city of Seattle has lost interest in even though it involves a teenage prostitute and the attempted assassination of a major political candidate, that wasn’t possible. Read More...


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