'Girls' Recap: 'Hannah's Diary'

Hannah's not-quite-boyfriend Adam continued to display keen insight into the female psyche during last night's "Girls," sending the least sexy sext in the history of sexts—an image of his penis wrapped in a squirrel skin. Yes, this affair has taken a turn for the hillbilly. And just when it seemed things couldn't get more awkward, a second message pinged through to Hannah's phone: "SRY that wasn't for you." Note the spelling of "sorry." Given Adam's history, it shouldn't have come as much of a surprise that he was seeing someone else, but Hannah was nonetheless bothered. Channeling every best friend ever, Marnie advised her not to respond. And she didn't...for a whole 30 seconds, snapping a naughty pic of her own, meant to, well, I'm not sure.

Boy troubles aside, Hannah seemed to have one part of her life on the right track—with little fanfare, she procured a job. Doing what, exactly, was unclear but it involved Windows. Her boss—a middle-aged man—noticed how tense she was and began administering the Reiki healing skills he picked up at Club Med. Now, I don't know much about this particular practice, but it apparently involves fondling the recipient's breasts. Later in the women's restroom, Hannah asked her co-workers about their boss' tendency towards inappropriate touching, and they said it was just part of the job. After all, he buys them iPods for their birthdays and sends their sisters to camp! (It's also worth noting Hannah got the most ridiculous eyebrow makeover ever during this bathroom bonding session.) Read More...



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