Mike & Molly Review: Family Feud

It’s a bit of a cliché that all weddings are filled with family drama, but there’s a kernel of truth in every stereotype, and this one is no exception. Last week’s family feuds were just the tip of the iceberg, and I have feeling this week is still just a warm up for the fireworks finale next week.

"The Rehearsal" is the penultimate episode of Mike & Molly and love is in the air. Well... sort of. Mostly just for Mike and Molly. Carl tells Christina he loves her, but she doesn’t say it back, which leaves him understandably pouty for the rest of the episode.

With the much crazier events that unfold, Carl and Christina’s falling out doesn’t get as much attention as you might expect. While the "wedding craziness" of this episode might have rubbed off on Carl and made him suggestible to revealing his true feelings to Christina, I suspect that the same emotions will have Christina confessing her love for Carl next Monday. Read More...



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