House Review: Realizations

Count on House to come through in the clutch.  Famously, House coasts through most of mid-season episodes with fans scratching their heads wondering when a story arc may kick in.  A couple of weeks ago, Wilson's cancer diagnosis provided the final story arc and kicked the series into high gear, finally providing some high stakes episodes and making me care about the series again, just in time for it to end.

"Post Mortem" sold me.  Famously, House road trip episodes are epically awesome--think season 3's "Son of a Coma Guy", season 5's "Birthmarks", and last season's "The Dig"--there's something incredibly dynamic about getting House and one other person together for an extended time together outside of the hospital.  This episode was no exception and was a gift for anyone that loves House and Wilson.  Admittedly, it was the first time since the announcement of the series' ending that I actually felt some read sadness, and that's due to the fact that tonight's episode was a great one! Read More...


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