Community “Curriculum Unavailable” Review

Community returned tonight with "Curriculum Unavailable", and it aired right after we received some pretty exciting news about the show’s future: Community has been renewed! That’s right, NBC confirmed today that the show has been renewed for a 13 episode fourth season! It’s yet to be confirmed if it’ll get any more seasons after that, but 13 extra episodes is definitely good news! Especially if those 13 episodes will be just as wacky and hilarious as tonight’s!

Community followed up the brilliant season two episode "Paradigms of Human Emotion" with another fake clip show, as we see the group go through all sorts of crazy situations and storylines that we’ve never seen before. When the fake dean forces the Greendale Seven to visit a psychiatrist (Played by Daily Show correspondent and Apple commercial personality John Hodgman), the team is forced to recognize Abed’s craziness, and realize that some of them may be crazy as well! This led to a bunch of great throwaway gags, as we saw tons of great Greendale goofs including a slew of ridiculous classes (Ladders was probably my favorite) and a brief montage showing just how much the dean really loves the Greendale Seven. Read More... 


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