The Big Bang Theory “The Countdown Reflection” Review

Who would have thought back in season one that by the end of season five, Howard Wolowitz would be married and hurtling into space on a Russian rocket? In "The Countdown Reflection," the season finale of The Big Bang Theory, he accomplished both things. Boldly go, indeed.

Unwilling to wait for her man to get back from space, Bernadette decided that they would get married quickly before he left and then have the big reception they planned after his return. It seemed like a good plan, but when city hall proved overcrowded with star-crossed lovers, they had to come up with an alternate plan.

What better way to get married than on top of the roof as the Google satellite passes overhead, with all five of your recently ordained on the internet friends officiating the ceremony? Maybe not the wedding Bernadette had been planning, but it was both geeky and sweet, and would have been even more so if Sheldon had been allowed to conduct it in Klingon. Read More... 


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