Grey’s Anatomy “Migration” Review

Sloan is just so…awkward, and his debate within himself about who to chose, his girlfriend or Lexi, makes him seem like a jerk. One woman can give you what you want, and one you love? Does that mean he doesn’t love his girlfriend and would be using her solely as a baby making machine? And it’s not like Lexi has declared a Cristina-like aversion to pregnancy, she just wants what all the other Seattle Grace doctors had, time to establish her career before she starts procreating. His emotional tug of war was bad enough when he was just sharing it with an amused Derek, but it got super awkward when he told Lexi he was mulling.

Arizona sobbing with her handsome but worn looking friend was heartbreaking, and while I get the need to tell Callie to never leave her, she’s been at Seattle Grace for long enough to know that the doctors have little control on their safety. There’s gunmen, cars driving through the ER, the plague (and now plane crashes, apparently, but more on that later). She really shouldn’t make her jinx her longevity by making a promise she doesn’t have ultimate control over. Read More... 


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