30 Rock “The Return of Avery Jessup” Review

Welcome back Avery!

At long last, Avery returned to 30 Rock and reunited with her husband who found himself drawn to her mother during her absence. In addition to smoking Korean cigarettes as a source of protein, Avery spent her weekend-less time in North Korea reporting ridiculous news headlines on American News Channel USA with Scott Scotsman and Johnny Mountain. That was Margaret Cho, right? I’m certain that was her portraying Kim Jung Un.

Perhaps driven by his own guilt for kissing his wife’s mother, Jack feared that Avery was a little too close for comfort with her co-anchor, Scott Scotsman. He resorted to their favorite past time of psycho-sexual games to get Avery to reveal what happened in North Korea. Much to Jack’s relief and titillation, Avery was engaging in her own mind game to get Jack to reveal his indiscretions. Jack confessed to his inappropriate kiss along with admitting to sleeping in Avery’s nightgowns because they’re comfortable. Upon learning of his wife’s cunning ways, the two were closer than ever . . . for now. Read More...



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