The Secret Circle “Family” Review

It’s sad that the best part of The Secret Circle was the very end of the season one finale. I’m not saying that in a bitchy way either; as much as I’ve disliked parts of this season, episode 1.20 ‘Traitor’ and this the end of this week’s episode, ‘Family’, were genuinely fantastic.

Why the end? Well, because up until then this episode was just too neat. That Charles’ mother could pass her power over to them so easily, that Charles was able to suck the demons out of Eben before the latter could attack him, the frankly horrible dialogue between Amelia and Diana’s mother (why was everything spelled out so explicitly? Both we and they knew what the conversation was about. We didn’t need exposition-dialogue when vague and emotional would have worked better). Then there were the many mentions of how much stronger they all are as a circle when, let’s be honest, the circle have only ever looked dangerous when performing solo magic (remember Faye back in the pilot episode?). Read More... 


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