'Glee': Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith spill details on 'Prom-asaurus'


While most high schools go with standard, romantic prom themes, the McKinley High seniors on "Glee" will celebrate their final moments together with the coolest animals to have once walked our Earth -- dinosaurs. In "Prom-asaurus," Brittany organizes a dino-themed event for our favorite glee clubbers. "On a scale of awesomeness, it's freakin' rad," Cory Monteith tells Zap2it of the dinosaur theme. "It's not just arbitrary -- it lends an interesting kind of element to [the episode]."Monteith wouldn't confirm Internet reports that some of McKinley's biggest couples were not feeling prom this year, but he would agree with the assessment that some people are against the big event. "There are a group of anti-prom-oriented folks, yes."Chris Colfer says that regardless of how things go, prom will be much better for Kurt considering the crappy time he had last year. Personally, though, he likes the Season 3 prom better because the wardrobe was a little easier."It...



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