Two and a Half Men 9.23 "The Straw in My Donut Hole" Review

It was the 200th episode of Two and a Half Men, according to Chuck Lorre's vanity card, and it involved some classic Alan Harper mooching. In last week's episode, Alan suffered a minor heart attack and was visited by a female version of his dead brother. This week, Alan is home from the hospital and everyone—except Zoey—wants to make sure he has everything he needs.

Walden wants to cater to Alan's every need, partially because he's sweet and partially because he has witnessed a ton of unexpected deaths throughout his life. Throughout the episode, Walden brings up a multitude of stories about the weird and wacky deaths of his family members—face down in his Legos, at an Easter egg hunt, death by fireworks, falling down an elevator shaft, etc. He has a lot of guilt weighing on him, and Alan admits to himself that he's willing to use it to his advantage. Read More...


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