'Glee': Did you enjoy 'Prom-asaurus,' a.k.a. the Rachel Berry redemption hour?


There are three kinds of episodes of "Glee" -- the really awesome, make-you-cry, so-psyched-they're-on-TV ones, the really terrible, total mess, oh-my-gosh-they-let-this-on-TV ones, and the ones that are just ... there. "Prom-asaurus" doesn't really fit into the first two categories -- instead, the senior prom just kind of happened. Listen, the last three episodes of Season 3 are totally going to be epic (with next week's body-switching/nationals one-two punch and then the sure-to-be-tear-filled graduation), so we're going to be kind on prom part deux. The story was fine -- Brittany decided to throw a dinosaur-themed dance, prom queen/king voting occurred, and oh yeah QUINN WALKED -- but not outrageous. It seemed to set things in motion for the end of the season while bringing the characters closer together. The one truly touching moment came when, after Quinn and Santana tallied the prom votes, they both realized they didn't need the self esteem boost and decided to...



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