Cougar Town Recap: Love Has No Age, But Maybe It Should

On TV, thunderstorms (or, in the coastal states, hurricanes) lend themselves to romance. People are trapped indoors, the power goes out, and the candles come on. Hair becomes attractively wet, and skin dewy. Sometimes there is even wine — unless you’re the residents of a certain cul-de-sac and drain your supply by dusk. Ellie and Jules taught us that you can even get a little off the corks, but it’s not a particularly seductive look.

No, the seduction being done in this episode is in the probably clammy hands of Travis. Cougar Town has tiptoed around a possible Travis-Laurie relationship for a while now. It has felt both earnest (Laurie looking bummed when Travis shut down her flirtations a few episodes back) and wink-y (Hawaii). It’s long been the inappropriate elephant in the room. This episode jumps into it a bit more directly, by having Holly suggest that Travis (with whom she spent the previous episode making out) date her "friend" Laurie. I put "friend" in quotation marks because anybody who plays matchmaker between you, a woman in your late twenties, and a 19-year-old boy is not your real friend. Read More...


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