Supernatural “There Will Be Blood” Review – The Alpha Vamp is Back!

In this episode of Supernatural, called "There Will Be Blood," Sam and Dean are trying to put together the magic ingredients they need to destroy the Leviathan. After Cas gladly bled for them last week, they only need three more components. A bone from a human as light and good as the Leviathan are hungry and dark, plus blood from the Ruler of Fallen Humanity and the Father of Fallen Beasts. They call Crowley to get the first bit of blood they need, but he’s not willing to give it up until they have everything else and luckily, he gives them the intel they need to get the last bit of blood from the Alpha vampire – who miraculously got out before Cas destroyed the alpha prison.

Sam and Dean are running out of time, which is apparent when they stumble across a bunch of blank-eyed humans hopped up on the Levis new poison. The only trouble is that the black bloods know exactly what the boys are up to because they trapped Kevin and forced him to read the tablet. Not that the Leviathan are all that worried. While the Alpha thinks he’s sitting pretty with his fellow monsters on his side, they’re actually planning to rid the planet of all beasts too…well except for themselves of course. Guess they don’t want any competition for their meals. Read More.... 


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