Blue Bloods Season 2 Finale “Mother’s Day” Review

Frank heads into work on a Saturday, presumably because he’s feeling sad about Mother’s Day because the mother of his children is dead. Lucky he’s there, because there’s going to be a terrorist attack on NYC. While it was cool to watch him puzzle out the fact that they were looking at the threat of a biological attack, shouldn’t the man from Washington just spelled it out from him immediately? If you have less than twenty-four hours to stop a major attack it’s really not the time to be vague.

I also understand that Frank couldn’t warn his daughter, granddaughter, and daughter-in-law of the potential of the deadly flu-virus when they called to tell him they were hoping on the subway, but couldn’t he have made something up to make sure they stayed out of harms way? Something annoying rather than dangerous, like a report that because of weekend construction people could be waiting hours for the subway and it would just make more sense for them to take a cab? Read More... 


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