The Big C “Life Rights” Review

I keep waiting for someone to step in and stop the Cathy madness. Sadly, I didn’t get my wish again this week as the Cathy rampage continues. Typically, I am fan of rampaging, but it usually involves a heavily-armed dude attempting to save some missionaries that caught captured in a jungle. Cathy’s rampage is definitely not my kind of rampage.

I keep wondering who are the writers making this show for? I know I am supposed to like Cathy and feel for her because she has cancer. I know I’m suppose to shower her with You Go Girls as she attempts to reassert control over her life. I know I am suppose think that her trips to the bar as Alexis Bertrand is her attempt to escape the insanity of her life. I know what I am supposed to think. However, what I amsupposed to think does not line up with what I actually think. What Cathy seems to think are principles are really foolish, short-sighted decisions. I happen to know a couple on the verge of having their first baby. They are taking every spare piece of change they can get their hands on. Clearly, my friends are in a far more strenuous financial situation than cancer-stricken Cathy since she just shot down untold millions because she only wants to die once and not onscreen. Read More... 


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