Bob’s Burgers “Bad Tina” Review

It’s been a while since we’ve seen one of Tina’s zombie fantasies on Bob’s Burgers, so Tina’s butt touching three way with Jimmy Jr. and a rotting boy-zombie was a strong open for tonight’s episode, "Bad Tina."

Considering how strange some of Tina’s interests are, it’s sometimes surprising how many people have told me that they see themselves (or their significant others) in Tina. I have a feeling that Tina’s full shelves of "Erotic Gossip Girl" and "Sexy 60 Minutes" fan fiction only made that connection to her all the stronger.

Even if you don’t see a little bit of yourself in awkward Tina, I think that everyone could relate in some way to the pressure she felt from Tammy. Unlike Tina, Tammy is loud, she isn’t intimidated by boys, she wears makeup, and she throws around catchy phrases. Tammy is manipulative, but stupid, and she’s willing to turn Tina’s world upside down when she doesn’t get her way. Read More... 


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