American Dad “Toy Whorey” Review

I’m not sure I knew that Steve had such a vivid imagination until I saw his abilities in tonight’s episode ofAmerican Dad, "Toy Whorey." I have to admit that I was confused when the episode started out with Steve riding alongside a pink Gumby, battling monkey trolls in an alien forest. I was worried that the entire episode was going to be a psychedelic trip with a barely understandable plot, so it was a relief to discover that this was merely the workings of Steve’s imagination.

Of course, Stan couldn’t stand the sight of Steve playing with toys, so he resolved to cure Steve of his immaturity. His first plan of attack was to get rid of all of Steve’s toys. Steve’s relationship with his toys runs far deeper than Stan could have anticipated and Steve was easily able to fend off his CIA trained father with a well planned booby trap.

Stan’s second plan of attack was to get Steve to grow up by taking a trip to a Mexican whorehouse. I loved Steve’s calm confusion when Stan walked into Steve’s class with the announcement that he was being pulled from class to go to Mexico to get laid. Read More... 


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