'American Idol': Hollie Cavanagh's Journey and Bonnie Raitt leave us wanting

For "American Idol" this week, Hollie Cavanagh did some Journey and Bonnie Raitt. The judges loved her on Journey's "Faithfully," though we found it to be a little bit boring. It also was not pitch-perfect. Thankfully, the Idols got a second song.However, Hollie took the stage for "I Can't Make You Love Me" and we were really excited for how awesome it was going to be. And it left us a little cold. She just didn't get to the raw emotion of the piece. The judges agreed. J.Lo and Steven Tyler tried to make it sound as though it's because Hollie hasn't "gone through stuff," but that's not really it.A true artist can do a song like that and make you think she's gone through it, even if she hasn't. Hollie has struggled all year with seeming a little robotic and this was another instance where that happened to her. What do you think, "Idol"...



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