America's Next Top Model 18.10 "Nicholas Tse" Review

Ooh, so that happened.

Top Model, dare I say it, surprised me once again in cycle 18 with how the elimination played out. After nearly a decade on the air (think about that for a second), you'd think that the show had pulled out every trick in the book - every outrageous photo shoot, every casting dynamic, every watercooler shocker designed to send the internet atwitter (on Twitter). But look at you, Tyra Banks, finding a way to freshen things up; following several well-reasoned, understandable boots in a row, Top Model managed to top itself by having a double elimination. They may have had weeks where they've eliminated two models, most notably last cycle and the first episode of cycle 10, but those were either known about in advance or seemed egregiously artificial to the point that it lacked any shock value. Here, though, Alisha quitting came from absolutely nowhere, which took me that much more off guard. Yes, Alisha had expressed doubts about her standing in the competition and was obviously homesick, taking out a lot of negative emotions in her (quite funny) confessionals, but the girl had made it through the bottom two several times already. And since we're already in the top five, you had to assume she'd gut it out until her elimination, but honestly, good for her. If your heart isn't in it, it's not fair to possibly deprive another person of an opportunity at their dream, so snaps for you, Miss Alisha. With the potential she's shown on the show, I think there's a place in the fashion world for her whenever she feels like taking it. Read More...


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