'Revenge' Recap: Party Like It's 2002

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 1, Episode 20 of ABC's "Revenge," entitled "Legacy."

Aside from Victoria's cluelessness, Nolan's awkward flirting and Jack's hilariously bad hair, this week's episode of "Revenge" didn't offer anything new. It was all fluff and filler.

It's December 28, 2002, and Amanda Clarke is in a New York City club, listening to 50 Cent's "In Da Club," and kicking the crap out of a guy with a toilet set. It's a far cry from Emily Thorne.

Outside of da club, Amanda, drunk from one too many vodka tonics, runs into Nolan, who manages to look 10 years older -- not younger -- without his platinum blonde Bieber cut. Judging from Amanda's delinquent behavior, Nolan realizes that she hasn't read her father's journals. Apparently, Nolan couldn't control Amanda in 2002 either.

Inspired by Nolan's gloriously parted hair, Amanda heads to Montauk and somehow ends up at the Stowaway, where she makes small talk with the pretty girl behind the bar. She orders another vodka tonic ... without the tonic. Read More...



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