Movie Review: Where Do We Go Now? Mirrors the Absurdity of War

Not to conflate filmmaking style with geopolitical tragedies, but there’s something about the wild tonal shifts of Nadine Labaki’s Where Do We Go Now that seems to mirror the inherent absurdity of the civil war in Lebanon. Of course, all sectarian battles are absurd to some extent, but the Lebanese one, which pits the country’s historically peaceful Muslim and Christian citizens against one another under the influence of regional powers like Syria, was a uniquely surreal phenomenon. The film is a multi-character study in a remote, religiously mixed village where news of fighting between Christians and Muslims comes in ever so slowly and awkwardly, via rickety radio and TV antennae. But it doesn’t need to be a news report that prompts the men to start fighting among themselves. Sometimes, it’s just a gust of wind that results in an accidentally broken cross in the church or a herd of goats pooping in the mosque. Read More...


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