American Idol Recap: Slog of Ages

Ryan Seacrest promises that this episode will be "another test of endurance for our top four," and I’ll be damned if that isn’t exactly the problem. Was this show ever supposed to be a test of endurance? My God, it’s certainly been one for us this season, with one two-hour show after another milking every last drop out of the format as viewer after viewer finally gives up like an exhausted dance-a-thon participant and clicks over to a Big Bang Theory rerun.

Our top four is starting to look worse for the wear as they mirthlessly trot out onto the stage. Our top four, if you’re just tuning in: a dreamboat troubadour who is a tiny bit too cool for the room, and three children whose lifelong single-minded pursuit of American Idol fame has come at the cost of the development of any discernable personality. Mouth-noise-wise, this is probably the most talented top four in the history of the show, but you could replace all of them with any contestant from the last eleven years and the show would be ten times more fun to watch. Read More...


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