House “Holding On” Review

We’re almost there, you guys! There’s only two episodes left of House, and then…nothing! No more wisecracks, no more miraculous cures, no more…well…HOUSE! Does tonight’s episode set things up nicely for the series finale?! Read on to find out!

"Holding On" had quite a cliffhanger to resolve from last week’s episode. I was worried that the results of Wilson’s cat scan would be held onto for a while, and that we would have to guess whether or not their radical treatment had worked. Well we actually found out within 30 seconds that the treatment, in fact, didnot work. Wilson is going to die from cancer. He shows up at House’s door within the first minute and tells him that he’d like to stop chemo. No slow death, no gradual degradation, no "Holding on" as the title references. He’d rather get it all over with and die on his own terms.

I really love the dichotomy between Wilson and House’s philosophies in this episode. House has spent the last eight years on our TV being completely convinced that everything has a simple medical reason. Every problem can be solved. Wilson, on the other hand, has spent the last eight years watching people slowly succumb to their cancer. No way to come up with a last minute miracle diagnosis like House. There’s no solution to the problems he deals with every day. It was great seeing these two play off each other, especially considering it’s one of the last times we’ll see these two together. Read More... 


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