Gossip Girl “The Return of the Ring” Review

It can’t be stated enough that this season of Gossip Girl has polarized the fandom, and the finale, "TheReturn of the Ring," is probably not going to help mend any fences between the two factions that have emerged. But cheer up, Gossipers. There will be another season, albeit only eleven episodes long. Still, that’s plenty of time for the writers to mess it up and rapidly fix it again.

Anyone who was really looking could have seen that the end of Blair and Dan was coming. She never really kicked Chuck out of her heart, and thanks to GG publishing the pages of her diary that Serena had stored on her stolen laptop, the whole city soon that out. No amount of damage control via her flunkies could undo that.

Still, Blair is nothing if not stubborn, so Serena took it upon herself to successfully seduce Dan and clumsily film it on her phone with the intention of giving it to GG as payback for Blair effectively cutting her out of her life. When Dan caught on after the deed was done, Serena found herself without a boyfriend or a best friend. This led to her taking a train ride out of town, both literally and figuratively thanks to some cocaine she scored from a lovely prince named Zeke. I said I wanted a love interest for her; this wasn’t what I meant. Read More...



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