How I Met Your Mother “The Magician’s Code” Review

If you’ve been watching How I Met Your Mother all season, you would have had a pretty good idea of what to expect from tonight’s one hour season finale, "The Magician’s Code." We had been given clues all season and, with the exception of a couple unexpected twists it was just a matter of finally seeing how all the pieces would fall together.

The first half of the episode centered around Lily’s labor and the birth of Marvin Waitforit Erikson. While Barney and Marshall made their way back to New York, Robin and Ted were at Lily’s side telling her stories to distract her from the pain until she could be checked into the hospital.

Robin and Ted went through at least 10 short stories and there was a bit of a Robot Chicken feel to the way we were being shown all these slice of life stories. I was anxious to see the resolution to a lot of the plot lines that had been set up over the course of the season, so these unrelated cutaway stories, while amusing, ended up feeling a lot like filler. It seemed as though they were being brought up to simply drag the episode out long enough to fill the entire hour. Read More... 


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