Community 3.19 "Cirriculum Unavailable" Recap

How thick are the friendship bonds of the Greendale Seven? Well, two months have passed since their infamous expulsion and it seems that not much has changed. Sure, Troy has apparent cooking skills, Britta has "Britta’d" her hiatus by drinking too much and Pierce is still being a bother, but the group is still hanging around together in Trobed and Annie’s apartment and spending time together. So it’s only natural that their bonding time would be interrupted by Abed (dressed in his full Inspector Spacetime gear) getting arrested.

Apparently Abed has been caught trespassing on Greendale property, and as he is an expelled student, this doesn’t exactly fly with security. In danger of being sent to jail, Abed is forced to go to therapy with Dr. Heidi (guest star John Hodgman, of "The Daily Show" and "I’m a PC" fame. Fun fact! This was apparently the role that Nathan Fillion was hoping to play, but the schedule for filming conflicted with his Castle commitments so he ended up not being able to be involved. Use your imagination, kids.) The rest of the study group accompanies him, since apparently Abed isn’t allowed to go to the doctor by himself (that’s what happens when you try to remove your own tongue.) Read More...


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