'The Vampire Diaries' finale recap: Elena and Damon's first encounter (of the close kind) and another watery grave


Finale time is here! "The Vampire Diaries" third season has had its ups ("Our Town") and its downs ("The Homecoming"), but it's been a fantastic ride. I loved the Ripper storyline, Klaus and Stefan's tumultuous and twisted semi-friendship, and Jeremy's ghosts. I loved meeting Rebekah and revisiting the Originals' relationship with Elijah.Previously on "The Vampire Diaries": We will fast forward all of this because it is the finale. 8:02 - Ugh, Elena was once a morning person. I don't care how great your life is, nobody gets out of bed at 6:45 and dances to a Pink song. Nobody. The flashback is fun -- I'm a huge fan of Sara Canning's and I always thought she was underused, so any time we get to revisit her, I'm on board.I like that they got out of having to show Jeremy (because no one would believe Steven McQueen as a 14-year-old now) by having him lock himself...



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