'Parks and Recreation' season finale: Knope we can!


"Parks and Recreation" gave us a season finale that took turns being incredibly funny and genuinely emotional but was always true to each of its characters. "Win, Lose or Draw" was a big win.Going into Thursday's (May 10) episode, we could have argued the merits of Leslie winning or losing the election either way as far as shaping next season (and we're hopeful/moderately confident there will be a next season). Then came the moment when Perd Hapley called the election for Bobby Newport, and the empty feeling pretty well put the lie to any kind of dispassion. Although when the recount took place and Leslie actually won? Well, the down moment made the victory that much sweeter.Because what "Parks and Rec" does for us is what Leslie does for the people around us: It makes us really care about these people. The episode was given to a little more speechifying -- particularly on Ron's part...



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