Gossip Girl Recap Recap: The Fugitives

To say that anything other than Dan’s "Muppet hair," "dead raccoon," or whatever else it’s been dubbed was the star in the comments would be a travesty to the GG faithful. This week, Dan rethinks the writers’ institute in Rome and persuades Blair to come; Chuck enlists the NJBC (plus Lola and Ivy) to help catch the man who tried to kill his father (who would be Bart Bass, in case you forgot); and Blair continues to avoid saying those three little words back to Dan. Yet still, it was Dan’s ragamuffin do that lit up the comments. Second place by volume goes to the pleas for Blair and Chuck to relight their flame. And previews for next week (the season finale) demamake that seem like ever so slightly less of a pipe dream. Sigh. Read More....



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