Fringe Review: A Season Finale To Die For

You really have to think about what the show was working with when writing "Brave New World Part 2." They had to determine what would not only be a satisfying season finale leading to another great year ahead, but what might allow viewers some fulfillment, if even brief, should they have faced cancellation. I think they achieved the best of both worlds and have no doubt we will be in for a stunning final run of Fringe.

Still an avenger
Olivia's superpowers were beyond anything I imagined. Fifteen minutes in, flying was not out of the question. She was not only faster than a speeding bullet, but faster than one from a gun specially built by William Bell that couldn't be stopped an Observer and  that she could throw just as fast back at the shooter. Say what?! Bring me that cortexiphan STAT! I am ready to receive! Read More...


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