Fringe 4.22 "Brave New World, Part 2" Review

For an episode that could have very easily been Fringe's series finale, "Brave New World, Part 2," charges courageously ahead, resolving old storylines while setting up the endgame to come in the show's thirteen-episode final season. And while it contained several predictable and ultimately frustrating elements, the episode was ultimately a strong one that should leave audiences talking for a few weeks.

Of course, fans are going to be talking about one particular standout scene, which was undoubtedly one of Fringe's strongest moments: when Walter shot Olivia in the head. It was a moment just as shocking and as unexpected as it was when it happened back in last season's finale. Of course, over the following commercial break, it wasn't too difficult to figure out how the writers would work their way out of that corner: Walter's description of Cortexiphan's regenerative abilities should have sent alarm bells ringing in everyone's minds last week. Despite the fact that it didn't last, the shooting was a vey powerful moment, thanks mostly to Peter's heartbreaking grief, one of Joshua Jackson's greatest performances of the season. Even if the tension didn't last, the emotions felt real. Read More...


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