Blue Bloods Review: Credible Threat

When Blue Bloods decides to take us behind the scenes of a terror threat it is a truly scary experience. "Mother's Day" had Frank torn between taking the best course of action to stop a biological attack, calming a frantic mayor, and the pull to protect his own family.

When Erin called Frank to tell him that she, Linda, and Nicky were about to hop on the subway I was shocked he didn't tell her to take a cab instead. If it were my family, I have no doubt I would have. Frank Reagan's a strong man.

A backpack sprayer sounded so simple. It's horrifying to believe it could be that deadly. What was scarier was that Frank was right. With so little time and information, telling the public would have only caused a wide spread panic. Once the terrorists heard the news they'd simply change there plan and the announcement would most likely save no one.  Read More...


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