NCIS Season 9 Finale “Till Death Do Us Part” Review – So Many Lives in Danger!

Tonight’s season finale of NCIS, called "Till Death Do Us Part," starts out not too long after last week’s episode left off. The team is searching for Vance and while I expected that hunt to take nearly all, or maybe at least half, of the episode, it is actually handled pretty fast.

Turns out that once again, Dearing doesn’t really want what everyone thinks he does. First it looks like he’s after Vance, but then he lets Vance go almost as soon as he kidnaps him. Then it looked like maybe he was after Ryan but it turned out he just wanted her out of the way.

Again, Dearing is a master of the sleight-of-hand game. Keeping everyone running around looking for the wrong people and following up on the wrong leads. All so he can keep them occupied and make his actual plan work – which is planting a bomb in Vance’s car and setting it off when it’s parked nice and secure in front of the NCIS building. Read More... 


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