Glee “Props; Nationals” Review

Well, they finally did it. In last night’s special two-hour event, "Props; Nationals," the Glee kids finally…FINALLY…became National Champions and enjoyed a well-deserved moment of glory as stars of the school that had so long ignored them and/or beat them down. Of course, graduation is next week, so that moment will be very short-lived. Still, their victory actually had impact, which it wouldn’t have if they’d won before, so I will give the writers grudging props for that one.

No doubt the highlight of the first hour was the alternate reality in Tina’s mind when she blacked out at the mall. Seeing the kids swap roles (Finn and Puck as Kurt and Blaine was my favorite switch, although Sue as Will was pretty good, too) might be better described as the highlight of an otherwise lack-luster season. For Tina, it was the push she needed to put her right back in the chorus line after a random burst of backbone wherein she all but demanded a solo at Nationals. What, is she Mercedes now? Apparently what she is, though, is a junior (did we know that?), which means that she’ll be one of the ones staying in high school next season when the show splits into two stages, for lack of a better term. Read More... 


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