Grimm 1.21 "Big Feet" Review

Having patience with a television series can pay off greatly. Once you start edging toward the finish line of its debut season, the stakes begin to heighten and all the (seemingly) unimportant episodes earlier in the run suddenly become valuable building blocks. Granted, not every series has found itself by this point, but for those that have, crashing everything together and bringing out the drama can be a pretty nice reward for fans. It's tempting to write something off earlier and earlier, considering the sheer volume of entertainment at our fingertips, so it's cases like Grimm, for instance, that make the argument that sometimes its okay to let a series figure it out.

"Big Feet" was a noticeable rebound from last week's episode and set up what could be a reveal-heavy finale that lays all the cards on the table. It laid the groundwork, in particular, for both Hank and Juliette to find out about Nick's other life, or at least the existence of creatures. There have been times earlier in the season where it felt like they were never going to be informed of Nick's Grimm life, that thread just twisting in the wind for all to see, but all that slow burn was worth the price of admission to "Big Feet". Grimm can feel a little too insular at times, Nick's secret not being able to be shared with a good chunk of the supporting cast, so bringing at least one, if not both, of his confidantes will open things up that much more. There's a disconnect between Hank and the rest of the show that could be remedied by being at least slightly clued in to what everybody already knows (or thinks); Hank has already encountered a few Grimm-like things, particularly his arc with Adalind and the villain from last week, but he's never made the connection that there's something not quite right here until he saw Dr. Blinkerhoff retracted in front of him. Considering that he thinks in the same practical, analytical way that Juliette does, maybe Hank needs to have the type of empirical data that she found tonight to further convince himself that creatures do exist. Read More...


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