The Legend of Korra Episode 6 Review: Korra Gets Cheated

The Legend of Korra is fast becoming one of my favourite all time shows and this week's episode was the best by far! Only six episodes in, the world is rich, the characters are cool, funny and interesting and the main plot is building very nicely without giving away the farm. It's all very exciting.

This week's visit from the Avatar starts with Korra and the Fire Ferrets training for their upcoming final, against the detestable Wolfbats. They have the radio on but as they're talking the radio is taken over by Amon. He gives his Equalist spiel about being under-foot and threatens that if the Pro Bending arena is not closed down, there will be consequences. Since the Fire Ferrets are playing in the final that night, they do not agree that it should be shut down, and head of to see the council, who have the unenviable decision; to close or not to cave to a mad man. Read More...


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