Basketball Wives Sneak Peek: Hot Mess Alert

From my time watching Basketball Wives, I've gathered that Tami is the type of person whose relentlessness is both a positive and negative trait. Positive in that she never gives up and can will good events in her life into existence; negative in that she never knows when to quit, even when it's beyond the point of simply being inappropriate.

Case in point: the sneak peek for Monday's episode, where she just won't retract her fangs from poor Kesha's neck. Tami's not content to have a brief fight, letting a girl have it and then being done with the matter; she has to bludgeon the daylights out of the argument, getting louder, more vulgar, and more aggressive the longer it goes on. At this point, you'd think she'd be like "okay, I made my point, let me get out of here while I still have a bit of dignity intact", but nope. Not our Tami. Get a little liquor in her and Tami would argue with the sand on the Tahitian beach, a drink umbrella, Shaunie's vacation hair.

But there's being a mean, obnoxious drunk and there's taking someone's purse in a bid to keep them arguing with you. Just let it go, Tami. You've already called this girl everything but a child of God and you feel compelled to take her stuff to make her keep talking to you? And then get mad at her for thinking about reporting her purse stolen? If somebody took Tami's purse, do you know what kind of hell would be unleashed on Basketball Wives?

Basketball Wives airs Mondays at 8:00 on VH1. If you missed my thoughts on the last episode, you can check them out here.

Do you think Tami's out of line regarding her behavior toward Kesha? Should the other ladies try to get her to calm down?


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