'Once Upon a Time' season finale: Snow and Charming find each other and the curse is lifted


Well, that was a slam-bang finish for "Once Upon a Time." We have to say, we're glad it was renewed, but if it hadn't been - that would've been a decently satisfying ending. We also need some serious help - our [expletive expletive] DVR cut off Mr. Gold right when he was saying to Belle, "It's magic ... why? Because magic" -- and nothing. So please, fill a poor recapper in in the comments. But let's get on with the goods.Fairytale LandWith the help of the Huntsman (nice to see you, Jamie Dornan!), Charming escapes the Queen's palace. On his way to find Snow, the Queen magics him into the Infinite Forest where he encounters Rumpel. Rumpel enchants Charming's mother's ring - it'll shine brighter the closer he gets to Snow. Rumpel also gives Charming a bottle of True Love, which he made with Snow and Charming's hair. Charming is to protect this bottle of...



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