'Girls': Cut off the limb


Episode 5 of HBO's "Girls" takes a closer look at the demise of Charlie and Marnie's relationship, and its roots -- by giving a glimpse at the characters' college days at Oberlin. The story picks up where "Hannah's Diary" left off -- Marnie (Alison Williams) and Charlie are grilling Hannah (Lena Dunham) over the diary entry (which, remember, was read without Hannah's permission). Charlie is devastated because he knows Hannah's words are accurate, and indeed he decides to "cut off the limb and let the stump heal." Marnie sets out to win Charlie back (with Sleigh Bells songs punctuating between scenes). But she's only putting on her party dress and visiting his apartment for the first time because she doesn't allow Charlie to call the shots -- especially the final coup de grâce of dump-age. After pleading with him ("please, please don't break up with me") he caves, only to be rejected by Marnie...



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